“How Much Botox Do I Need?”

Virgin Botox patients always ask the same question before treatment, expecting a simple reply to a seemingly simple question: How many units of Botox will I need?

From a simplicity stand-point, it is unfortunate that there is no “pat” answer we can give. The amount of Botox an individual will need is dependent on multiple issues, and will always vary from person to person. However, from a consumer stand-point, this is one of the things that makes Botox treatments so wonderful — every treatment is completely customized per unique patient.

Depending on how many different areas of the face a patient is interested in treating, the amount of Botox required can vary drastically. This, coupled with the following characteristics, will help determine exactly how many units of Botox you need in order to achieve the end-result you want.

Differing Aesthetic Goals: Some people prefer a completely frozen result, while others like to maintain movement in a minimized capacity. (For example, most women choose to have their foreheads completley motionless, while many men prefer to allow for slight movement.)

Different Muscle Strengths: Someone with stronger forehead muscles requires more Botox to quiet the muscle movements than a person with weaker forehead muscles.

Pre-Existing Situations: The more prevalent and deep-set a patient’s current wrinkles are, the more product will be required to erase them.

Different face shapes and sizes: For example, a person with a larger forehead will require more units of Botox to halt motion than a person with a smaller forehead.

Metabolism: The length of time Botox results last are dependent on how quickly each patient metabolizes the product. The faster a person’s metabolism, the more frequently patients will require treatment.

To help make some sense out of how much Botox is required per facial area, this picture is often helpful.

How much botox


For a Botox estimate specific to you, Longevity’s nurse injectors will be able to give you an approximate idea. 

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