NeoGraft® Hair Transplant Overview: Everything You Need to Know

What Is NeoGraft?
NeoGraft is an FDA-cleared system used for minimally invasive hair transplantation. It uses an automated variation of the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique to harvest hair follicles and implant them in balding areas.

NeoGraft Results

What Is the FUE Technique? What Are Its Benefits?
As opposed to Follicular Unit Grafting (FUG), which involves cutting an entire strip of skin from the donor site, FUE allows for harvesting follicles in groups of one to four. This means there’s no incision or stitches at the area of the body where the follicles are coming from, known as the donor site. No incision means no linear scar. FUE transplants are proven to heal faster and allow for the option of wearing very short hair without the worry of revealing an obvious scar.

How Much Does NeoGraft Cost?
The cost of NeoGraft depends on the person and the number of follicles being grafted. However, NeoGraft is more expensive than previous methods, which is a reflection of the more detailed and intricate nature of the procedure. At Longevity, NeoGraft starts at $4 per graft. The best way to get a quote appropriate for you is to set up a free consultation by calling 405-703-4990

How Is NeoGraft Different From Other FUE Techniques?
While previous FUE techniques have been performed manually, NeoGraft’s automated handheld device acts as a natural extension of the surgeon’s hand, allowing for increased accuracy and speed.

What Results Can I Expect From NeoGraft?
The results of NeoGraft are similar to previous hair transplantation methods. The difference isn’t in the area where the hair is being placed, but instead in the donor site where the hair is harvested. Instead of a linear scar, you’ll see tiny dot-like scars that’ll be imperceptible once the area has healed and the hair has regrown.

 45-54 year old woman treated with Hair Transplant before 155564245-54 year old woman treated with Hair Transplant after 1555642

What Happens During a NeoGraft Procedure? How Long Does It Take?

Depending on the number of grafts containing hair follicles being harvested, you should expect to be in your doctor’s office for anywhere between four to eight hours. The day is split into two parts: harvesting and placement. During harvesting, you’ll lie down on a table for two to four hours. The donor area is anesthetized and the follicles are extracted with the NeoGraft handpiece. In between harvesting and placement, you’ll be able to do things like go the bathroom and grab a bite to eat. In the second part of the day, you’ll sit upright while the implant area is anesthetized and the follicles are placed through tiny incisions. Once this is over, your doctor will assure that the grafts are secure, rinse the donor and recipient areas, and may apply a light protective dressing.

What Does NeoGraft Feel Like? Does It Hurt?
Most patients feel little to no pain with the NeoGraft procedure. You can head to the NeoGraft website to read more from patients who are chronicling their journeys.

What’s the Recovery Period For NeoGraft?
There’s typically very little discomfort following NeoGraft, but you may experience minimal drainage on the first day after your procedure. You can expect your grafts to be slightly raised for the first week or two, and they’ll start to scab over at around day three or four. Your doctor should provide you with thorough instructions on how to treat your scalp (hint: gently), especially when showering.

Because there aren’t any stitches involved with NeoGraft, there are fewer activity restrictions versus previous methods. That said, it’s best to avoid anything strenuous for the first week after the procedure.

How Long Do the Results of NeoGraft Last?
Transplanted hair should last a lifetime, but there are other treatments that can help stop the loss of non-transplanted hair. NeoGraft PhotoDynamic Therapy has been proven to be great for maintenance, and options like Rogaine and Propecia could also be added (ask your doctor first). Unfortunately, while management is often effective, it’s not always perfect. Additional procedures might be needed in non-transplanted areas.

Do I Need to Get a Full Buzzcut Before a NeoGraft Procedure?
No, but the area where the hair is being harvested will need to be shaved to the appropriate length. If you wear it long, the shaved area can often be covered with the rest of your hair. If you wear it short, shaving the rest of your head to the necessary donor hair length allows for a less noticeable change during the healing process.

Is NeoGraft Only For the Head?
While the head is the most common place to use NeoGraft, the system can be used on any part of the body where hair can be transplanted.

Am I a Good Candidate For NeoGraft?
The best candidate for NeoGraft is someone (male or female) who wants the option of wearing a very short haircut without revealing a scar, or someone who wants a minimally invasive solution with the least amount of recovery time after their hair transplant procedure. NeoGraft can also be used to camouflage linear scars from previous hair transplant surgeries.

For more information visit the Longevity Website or call 405-703-4990 to schedule your FREE consultation!

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