What Moms Really Want: 22 of The Best Mother’s Day Gifts

What Moms Really want- 25 Best Mother's Day Gifts

While a vacuum is not exactly her cup of tea, a spa day with her girlfriends might just be. How about a night by herself in a fancy hotel alone? Now you’re talking. See what moms really want in these 25 Best Mother’s Day Gifts…

  • #1 Night Alone at a Fancy Hotel 

    The #1 best gift you can give to Mom is a night where she can relax all by herself.

  • #2 Personal Chef Consultation

Hire a personal chef and meal planner to come and make meals for a week, while giving advice on how to plan and cook for the family in the future.

  • #3 Day at a Spa 

    If you give her a gift certificate, make sure you also plan a time for her to go, otherwise it just sits in her wallet collecting dust.

  • #4 Family Photo Album

    Put together your family photos into a photo album. Write special messages inside to make it extra personal.

  • #5 Maid Service

Side View of Maid Carrying Pillows

Give her the gift of a clean house.

  • #6 Sleep In + Breakfast in Bed
  • #7 Day of Pampering 

    Surprise her with a day off to go to the spa and shop. Provide her with gift cards or cash to shop with.

  • #8 Family Photo Shoot + Bonus Stylist

    Plan a family photo shoot with a professional photographer. Bonus points for hiring a hair and make-up person, or sending Mom to the salon in the morning before the shoot.

  • #9 Workout Consultation

    Set up a consultation for her with a yoga instructor or personal trainer to give a 15-minute workout routine that works with her life.

  • #10 Family Video Montage

    Have a professional editor put together a video montage of the family with all the iPhone videos, ballet recitals, etc.
    See an example at Prudent Baby.

  • #11 Professional Organizer

    Have a professional organizer come into the home to clean and organize.
    Find out more at Apartment Therapy.

  • #12 Fun Family Time

    Plan a family activity, like a museum trip. In a perfect world, the kids would magically get themselves ready, out the door, buckled into carseat, diaper bag packed with plenty of diapers and snacks, and no one fusses or fights.

  • #13 Professional Gardening Service

    Hire a professional gardening service to come plant an herb garden or veggie garden and teach her how to maintain it.
    Find out more at Verdura Gardens.

  • #14 No Responsibility Day

    Set aside a day where Mom doesn’t have to plan a thing.

  • #15 Spend a Day With Her Mom

    Treat her to a day she can spend alone with her mom.

  • #16 Man-Run BBQ

    Throw a BBQ where he plans it all and watches the kids the whole day so she can relax with her friends.

  • #17 Handmade Cards

    Wake her up with handmade cards from the kids and a heartfelt card from her special someone.

  • #18 Tickets to Her Favorite Show

    Surprise her with tickets to the show she’s been dying to go see.

  • #19 Cute New Sleepwear

    Give her a cozy pair of pajamas that will also make her feel extra cute at bedtime.
    Buy it for $48 at Anthropologie.

  • #20 My Prudent Advice Journal

    Surprise her with this fill-in journal she can write in and give to her daughter. It makes a great gift for a new mom.
    Buy it for $15.25 at Amazon.

  • #21 Sewing Retreat

    The crafty mom can appreciate a cottage getaway surrounded by sewing inspiration and plenty of craft time.
    Find out more at The Makerie.

  • #22 Organic Fair Trade Coffee Subscription

    She is sure to enjoy this gourmet treat.
    Find out more at Tonx.

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