Why should I detox?


There are many things of this world that add to our body’s “toxic load.”  Environmental factors, exposure to chemicals, and lifestyle habits (such as what we eat) all directly impact our health and most importantly determine how we feel.  A toxic body feels heavy, lethargic, sluggish, run-down, depressed, angry, anxious, and forgetful.  Clearing these toxins out of our body by re-vamping our immune system, hydrating our cellular power houses, and revitalizing our body’s own natural detox hardware allows us to live and feel as good as we were designed.

This is a holistic approach to detoxifying your body.  We utilize a whole-foods based plan that is nourishing.  We support your system with evidenced-based nutritional supplementation.  We increase your anti-oxidant consumption to rid your body of free-radicals that are released as we detox.  We promote mindfulness and optimal emotional health.  We offer guidelines for physical activity and daily movement to encourage increased release of toxins.

During this process, expect to determine what foods you crave or are addicted to, the emotional reasons as to why that attachment exists, and most importantly feel empowered by the process of this self-discovery and accomplishment!  Allow yourself to no longer feel controlled by your food choices, cravings, or hunger.

Think of this as a re-boot.  Starting fresh.  Cleansing your mind, body, and spirit.
What exactly am I detoxing?

The liver is the main organ that is filtering everything, either internally (hormones, emotions, etc) and externally (from the environment).  Our bodies have a built-in detoxifying mechanism, and at optimal health this functions very well.  However, our current lifestyles and food choices can create numerous debilitating end-products that can “plug-up” our organs and interrupt this natural detoxification process.  You will be breaking down and eliminating harmful substances such as sugar, wheat, pesticides, mercury, microbes, preservatives, alcohol, free-radicals, inflammatory oils, carcinogens, genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), and many more.

Often times, as you seek out a physical detox for your body, you may also bring to surface some emotional or mental junk that needs to be dealt with.  Whether it be negative relationships, a hostile friendship, an unhealthy sense of self-worth, work place stress, procrastination, or a simple lack of what you consider an optimal life, now is a good time to re-evaluate and cleanse that particular area as well.

As far as your home environment, doing some sort of seasonal cleaning can be beneficial and help enhance your physical detox.  Go through your closets and donate clothes you have not worn in the past year.  Organize a certain room/closet in your home.  Clean of your desk at work.  Buy a green indoor plant that will add brightness to your house and cleaner air for your lungs (aloe vera and peace lilies are excellent options!).

What can I do to prepare for this detox plan?

To fully receive the benefits of this detox program, it is best to prepare your body for a few days to a few weeks for all the changes to come.  Caffeine is one of the most controversial ingredients when it comes to detox programs.  As a functional nutritionist, I believe caffeine has many redeeming qualities, and am generally okay with a quality sourced caffeinated product, such as a steeping cup of organic coffee.  However, during this plan, the purpose is to allow the detoxifying organs such as the liver to rest so that they are able to regain momentum for proper environmental detoxification.  Simply put: the process the liver goes through to breakdown caffeine is a similar process to breaking down harmful things from our environment.  So as we cleanse our liver, our goal is to lighten our detox load, which means eliminating caffeine during this time is important.

Depending on how much caffeine you typically consume on a daily basis, you will need to “pre-cleanse” your body from this ingredient.  The last thing you want to have to endure is a splitting headache from your first day of detox, all because you didn’t get that cup of coffee or iced tea.  If you consider yourself a heavy caffeinated person, start this process 1-2 weeks before you dive into the program.  Start to cut your caffeine intake by half, and as you feel comfortable slowly lower your consumption until you are okay for 1-2 days without it.  Trust that this is not forever, and the nutrients that your body will be quickly accessing from your nutrition plan will quickly take the place of your energy boost!

The same situation applies to simple sugars.  Simple sugars are basically the sweets that you consume.  Cookies, candy, sugar in your coffee/tea, sodas, cakes, chocolate, etc.  Most of the time people do not suffer extreme withdrawal symptoms from “quitting sugar cold turkey,” but it may benefit you to slowly decrease your intake before starting the program.

As far as preparing for the program, get to the grocery store the day before you plan to start, and allow for a few hours to sort your products and begin preparing your meals.  There are several dressings and steps to certain recipes that can be prepared ahead of time.  Look at every single meal to get a good idea of what is to be expected before starting plan.  Pre-portion veggies/meats.  Chop ingredients and keep them together so that they can be easily accessed on that particular day.  Set yourself up for success by making sure you are prepared.

You most likely already own various kitchen tools that you will be using.  There is always an alternative, if you don’t have a tool listed in the recipe directions.  It may be a good idea to invest in a good, high power blender.  Also a food scale is very handy.

Finally, enlist the help of your friends, family, and colleagues.  Let them know what you are doing beforehand, and ask for their accountability.  Outside support from people who know you the best is very important and can make or break your detox.  Tell them what your goals are, and they will help to check in with you and provide you with extra love.

Longevity’s Detox Program runs continuously and we offer free consultations. For more information on seasonal eating, detox, or weight loss programs programs email our registered dietician, Kristen Forbes at contact@longevityok.com. A quick conversation with Kristen will help you decide the best plan for your needs. The front desk staff is also available at 405-703-4990.

Learn more: http://www.longevityok.com


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